GNC Quick Start

So you’re going to start a Good News Club! Get ready to watch God work in the hearts and minds of children in your club. In preparation, CEF will help equip you through a series of quick training sessions designed with you in mind:  Good News Club Quick Start Training.

The sessions are tailored to the needs of new Good News Club teachers or those who want further training. Each session gives you what you need to know in order to successfully teach children in your club. How to teach the three essential parts of Good News Club (Bible lesson, Memory Verse and Wonder Time) are covered in the training as well as instruction for other club components. You will also learn how to pull these elements all together into a weekly club your kids will love.

Online Good News Club training — To get started, contact one of our staff members for the enrollment key either by phone- 815.741.0366 or by emailing After you have the enrollment key , go to the online enrollment page. (If you have not previously registered on CMI Online, registration will be required before proceeding to Good News Club training.)

Good News Club Training Sessions

Good News Club® Demonstration (60 min.)

Observe an actual Good News Club® (GNC™) from start to finish and see how well it really works with kids! Helpful graphics appear on screen throughout the demonstration to direct attention to important club elements. This high-energy video provides the BIG picture of how Good News Club materials, methods and team members work together to impact kids with the Good News!

Guiding Children to the Savior (47 min.)

This interactive presentation merges clear instruction with concise demonstrations for each step of giving an invitation and guiding a child to the Savior. Teaching is presented in logical segments to provide opportunity for instruction, demonstration and practice of each concept learned.

Teaching Verses and Songs (40 min.)

Instructions and demonstrations equip participants to effectively teach songs and memory verses using the tried and true IPEAR method, which includes Introduction, Presentation, Explanation, Application and Repetition. Helpful resources and suggestions that will enhance the learning process for the child are introduced throughout the presentation.

Managed Fun (30 min.)

Watch as experienced teachers share their best ideas for managing a group of energetic kids! Hear directly from the children themselves as they offer their perspectives on what helps them pay attention! Practical methods and suggestions are included throughout this video to help Good News Club teams manage their club in a fun and productive way!

Why Evangelize Children (25 min. approx.)

Discover the urgent need to reach children with the Gospel by examining the teaching of Jesus Christ and by meeting real children who have been transformed by God’s power! This video combines a study of Scripture, stirring testimonies and statistics to answer the important question, “Why should we reach children?”

Teaching CEF® Curriculum (39 min.)

Take a guided tour of CEF® curriculum to examine how it works and how it all fits together to share God’s truth with kids! Explore the key teaching elements of the GNC as this video introduces the innovative resources available to help lead each part with excellence!

Welcome to the Team! (22 min.)

Participants will meet each member of the Good News Club team and see how they all work together before, during and after the club to accomplish the goal of reaching children with God’s Good News! Pictures and videos show real Good News Club teams in action to help each team member understand his or her role and responsibility on the team.

Good News Club training also is available on location here at CEF of IL, Inc: Three Rivers Chapter in Shorewood several times each year including Super Seminars, Teaching Children Effectively Level 1, as well Level 2. For more information call 815.741.0366.