Family & Church

Since its beginning in 1937, the financial policy of Child Evangelism Fellowship has been: “Ask God and tell God’s people.” We believe that policy is pleasing to God. We here in the Three Rivers Chapter also follow the wise counsel of pioneer missionary, Dr. J. Hudson Taylor: “God’s work, done in God’s way, never lacks God’s supply.”

We are completely convinced that telling boys and girls about God’s love and plan of salvation is God’s work (Matthew 18:14). Over and over again, we witness God’s sufficient supply for our needs. With all our hearts we seek to genuinely do His work His way, so the Lord Jesus is magnified and glorified.

There are several ways YOU may partner in this vital work:

  • First, will you pray with us? By email and the postal service we regularly share praise and prayer needs. We are convinced of the truth James wrote of: “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much” (5:16). Please petition of great and capable God on our behalf.
  • Second, would you go, volunteer, and serve? We are always seeking born-again men and women who will open their home during the summer to host a 5-Day Club, to work in an after-school Good News Club, willing to be trained, or give some hours to help in the office.
  • Finally, would you please consider giving? Dr. Tony Evans has said, “Salvation is free, but ministry costs.” CEF is a nonprofit organization and all gifts to Child Evangelism Fellowship are tax deductible, and a receipt will be issued. Would YOU give systematically (i.e. monthly or quarterly)? Or would you rather give a special gift?