HOLD THE ROPE for the week of November 13, 2023

Together let’s offer worship and praise to the Lord for –

·        The truth Scripture teaches – those who know Jesus as Savior are “in Christ” and God abides with us

·        The opportunity this past weekend to share the work of CEF with my home church family

·        The great start at Pioneer Path School last Thursday

·        Christmas Party Clubs are beginning to be scheduled for our chapter – interested in hosting and/or teaching a club this December?  Call us at 815.741.0366

Please join us in prayer for –

·        The friend-raising event on Friday evening – GAME NIGHT at Grace Pointe Church in Plainfield.  We are seeking to glorify the Lord that evening as we share the work and ministry of CEF; pray that He will be glorified.  It is not too late to plan on being with us – just go to www.cef3rivers.com or give us a call at 815.741.0366.

·        The Good News Clubs® meeting this week at Elwood, Morris Grade, Pioneer Path, a Kankakee church club, and our Wednesday Zoom club

·        The chapter’s local committee as they meet on Tuesday evening

·        Our CEF workers and other believers in the Middle East – their protection; also pray that through this dangerous and difficult time, many will be drawn to the Savior

·        Another Morris area school district – Nettle Creek.  We are applying for room use – ask the Lord to give us favor

·        Interested?  Give us a call at 815.741.0366

·        The Lord’s financial provision for us during November; if you wish to give, go to the chapter website (www.cef3rivers.com) and click on the word “Donate” along the top of each page.  Thanks.

·        The upcoming December chapter newsletter – may the Lord use it as an effective piece of communication

·        Children – please remember our Lord’s mandate in Matthew 18:14 – that our Father is not willing that any child should perish; with that in mind, we must always be faithful to pray for and teach the precious children

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer – we appreciate you!  Blessings, Mike Hebrews 12:1 – 3

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