HOLD THE ROPE for the week of October 30, 2023

Let’s join together in praise for –

·        The excellent response to our Good News Club® at Morris Grade School – 20 kids!  (In fact, they ran out of chairs!) – most importantly, two kids spoke to one of our teachers about assurance of their salvation

·        Our club at Galloway School – six kids, and each and everyone is so very engaged and eager to know and learn more about the Lord

·        A song yesterday at church – “Our sins which are many, but His mercy is more!”  

Would you please pray with us for –

·        The chapter’s friend-raising event set for November 17 – please ask the Lord to bring many that night so that many will learn more about this ministry.  Have you signed up yet?  Please go to our chapter website to do so – www.cef3rivers.com

·        Good News Clubs this week:  Elwood (Tuesday), Zoom club (Wednesday), Galloway and Morris (Thursday) Kankakee (Fridays)– ask the Lord to continue drawing many to Himself

·        The state TCE™ Level 2 class on Tuesday evening – pray for the six students:  Mark, Susan, Mike, George, Gertrude, and Marvella

·        Our CEF workers and other believers in the Middle East – their protection; also pray that through this dangerous and difficult time, many will be drawn to the Savior

·        Another Morris area school district – Nettle Creek.  We are applying for room use – ask the Lord to give us favor

·        Christmas Party Clubs – pray that we might have many sights for these here in our chapter – churches, homes, and schools.  Interested?  Give us a call at 815.741.0366

·        The Lord’s financial provision for us during October; if you wish to give, go to the chapter website (www.cef3rivers.com) and click on the word “Donate” along the top of each page.  Thanks.

·        The members of our local committee:  Fred, Helen, Rick D, Rick L, Anna, Donald, Robert, Rita, and Bennie – pray they may each keep their eyes on the Master and have an ever-deepening relationship with the Lord Jesus – they are important to us

·        Us as we prepare presentations for upcoming events and services

·        Children – please remember our Lord’s mandate in Matthew 18:14 – that our Father is not willing that any child should perish; with that in mind, we must always be faithful to pray for and teach the precious children

As you pray and take part in this ministry, our rewards and fruit, our also your rewards and fruit – thank you.  Blessings, Mike Hebrews 12:1-3

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