HOLD THE ROPE for the week of October 2, 2023

We’ve much to be thankful for –

·        A great start at Galloway School – eager kids

·        The approval of our application to Elwood School (begins October 10)

·        Including the mighty power of our magnificent God who is at work in us and through us

Please join us in prayer for –

·        A positive reply from other school districts such as Morris, Union, and Valley View

·        The social media and email blitz that begins today for our November 17 friend-raising event at Grace Pointe Church in Plainfield – pray many people will respond to our Trivia Night

·        Our grandson and daughter-in-law who are not feeling well

·        The start of our Zoom Good News Club® which begins next week – October 11 (right now we have “tons” of kids who have pre-registered!)

·        Our TCE™ Level 2 class which meets on Tuesday evenings – pray for the six students

·        Carol and Helen’s continued progress with their health issues

·        The local committee stays on course for the November 17 Trivia Night and ask the Lord to be glorified in that event

·        The Lord’s financial provision for us during October; if you wish to give, go to the chapter website (www.cef3rivers.com) and click on the word “Donate” along the top of each page.  Thanks.

·        Christmas Party Clubs – pray there will be many held throughout the state and here in our chapter area this holiday season so that children will hear about the Lord Jesus

·        The chapter newsletter that will be mailed this week – please ask the Lord to use this to communicate well and speak to hearts

·        The members of our local committee:  Fred, Helen, Rick D, Rick L, Anna, Donald, Robert, Rita, and Bennie – pray they may each keep their eyes on the Master and have an ever-deepening relationship with the Lord Jesus – they are important to us

Your partnership in prayer is absolutely vital to any success of this ministry!  Thank you for taking time to talk to the Father.  Blessings, Mike – Hebrews 12:1 – 3

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