Hold the Rope for August 2023

Join with us in thanks praise to the Lord for –

·        A great summer ministry of 5-Day Clubs® — several children prayed to receive the Lord Jesus as Savior

·        Helen Gibson’s successful knee replacement surgery – pray for her now as she is involved with rehab

·        The overwhelming response to this coming Saturday’s Back-to-School event

·        His bountiful supply of school supplies for the weekend

Join us in prayer for –

·        The chapter’s August 5 Back to School event – we have just over 200 kids pre-registered; we are requiring that children need to attend and first listen to a gospel presentation; after that they may receive a back pack filled with school supplies, a copy of the Gospel of John, a 60-Day Wonder Devotional book and a tract (both products of CEF Press®).  Pray for dry weather and most of all that many will choose Jesus as Savior

·        The tentative November trivia night planned – ask the Lord to give us new connections that evening

·        The Lord’s financial provision for us through the summer; if you wish to give, go to the chapter website (www.cef3rivers.com) and click on the word “Donate” along the top of each page.  Thanks.

·        His strength during these long days

Thanks for praying and partnering with us – you are valuable to us in so many ways!  Blessings, Mike Hebrews 12:1 – 3

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