Hold the Rope for the week of May 22, 2023

Let’s together offer praise and thanks for –

·        The pre-training session we had on Saturday with Heidi Taylor, our chapter’s summer missionary

·        “The marvelous grace of Jesus”

·        His continued provision and protection for this vital ministry

·        Tina Blackburn – no chemo or radiation is needed

Join together in prayer for –

·        Our preparation for the upcoming Illinois summer missionary training school (June 9 – 16) near Peoria

·        The promotion and preparation for our August 5 back-to-school event

·        Heidi and all the summer workers across the state – their finances, a working in their hearts to prepare them for the work ahead

·        Helen Gibson – knee replacement scheduled for July

·        Our chapter’s June 19 – 23 day camp – so far, we have 8 children registered

·        More 5-Day Club® locations – including at least one virtual club on Zoom

·        The CEF staff, asking the Lord to always use us to kindly, lovingly, and respectfully interact with school officials and one another – all for His glory

·        May’s financial needs – please ask the Lord to provide what we need to meet our monthly budgeted expenses — $9,500 by May 30.  If you sense the Lord leading you to share in this ministry, please go to the chapter website, www.cef3rivers.com  and click the “Donate” tab across the top of the page to safely give.  Yes, thankfully our God continues to remain faithful and He may also be trusted to supply all that we need

·        Some TCE™ Level 2 students that Steve and Mike will serve as proctors to this summer

By praying, you serve the Lord in an absolute vital position – thanks for talking to our Father on our behalf.  Blessings, Mike – Hebrews 12:1 – 3

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