Hold the Rope for April 3, 2023

Let’s gather together and praise the Lord for –

·        The nearly 100 kids enrolled in the upcoming Easter egg hunt

·        Our visit to a supporting church last weekend – they are a caring people

·        The growth in our Pioneer Path School Good News Club®

·        Our chapter’s summer missionary, Heidi – she has already mailed out letters to her friends and family seeking their support

·        The fact of Savior is alive forevermore!

Please join together in prayer for –

·        The Easter egg hunt set for this coming Saturday –

o   Pray for the volunteers who will be with us

o   Pray for a dry, sunny day

o   Pray for safety

o   Most of all, pray that many children (and adults) will hear the gospel and choose the risen Lord Jesus as Savior

·        Heidi – our summer missionary asking the Lord to prepare her heart for the training and summer work ahead

·        For our virtual Good News Club meeting this week on Wednesday (our school clubs are off because of spring break)

·        The staff as we offer Camp Good News® scholarships for this summer to some of our club kids –pray that they will take advantage of this

·        Aux Sable School club which will begin April 11

·        Tina Blackburn is scheduled for surgery on April 10

·        Mike and Steve as they proctor two TCE™ Level 2 students via Zoom

·        Summer ministry – we will be setting up 5-Day Club® sites for the latter half of June and also July – interested in hosting a club?  Call 815.741.0366

·        April’s financial needs – please ask the Lord to provide what we need to meet our monthly budgeted expenses — $9,500 by April 30.  If you sense the Lord leading you to share in this ministry, please go to the chapter website, www.cef3rivers.com  and click the “Donate” tab across the top of the home page to safely give.  Yes, thankfully our God continues to remain faithful and He may also be trusted to supply all that we need

·        The work of CEF throughout the entire state – clubs are meeting in schools all around Illinois – ask the Lord to bring many kids to Himself

·        The Illinois summer missionary training school plans being made

Thank you for taking time to speak to the Father about the children and this vital ministry.  We appreciate you.  Blessings, Mike – Hebrews 12:1 – 3

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