HOLD the Rope for the week of March 13, 2023

Together let’s praise our Lord for –

·        A great six-week club at Galloway School

·        The good start last week of our club at Elwood School

·        The tender and receptive hearts of the children in our Good News Clubs®

·        The precious privilege of prayer

Together let’s approach the throne of grace to pray for –

·        A new club beginning this Tuesday at Pioneer Path School in Channahon

·        Other clubs this week at:  Morris Grade School, Elwood, Liberty, and our chapter’s Wednesday virtual club on Zoom

·        The chapter’s local committee as they meet on Tuesday evening

·        The promotion of the chapter’s April 8 Easter egg hunt – please also ask the Father to provide a dry, sunny day

·        All the provisions needed for the egg hunt event

·        Summer ministry – we will need to find 5-Day Club® sites and hosts – would you like to host a club?  Give us a call at 815.741.0366; still waiting for the Lord’s choice of at least two summer missionaries

·        March’s financial needs – please ask the Lord to provide what we need to meet our monthly budgeted expenses — $9,500 by March 30.  If you sense the Lord leading you to share in this ministry, please go to the chapter website, www.cef3rivers.com  and click the “Donate” tab across the top of the home page to safely give.  Yes, our God continues to remain faithful and He may be trusted to supply all that we need

·        The work of CEF throughout the entire state – clubs are meeting in schools all around Illinois – ask the Lord to bring many kids to Himself

·        The Illinois summer missionary training school plans being made

·        The team coming together to begin a Good News Club at Aux Sable School beginning after Easter and also the restart of a club at Saratoga School

Our deepest and sincerest thanks to you for joining us in this prayer fellowship.  Blessings on each of you – Mike, Hebrews12:1 – 3

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