HOLD THE ROPE for the week of February 20, 2023

Join us in thanking the Lord for –

·        The launch of our chapter’s new website (check it out at www.cef3rivers.com)

·        Good News Clubs® that met last week; also for Elwood School’s approval of our upcoming club and flyers to be distributed

·        The new kids who attended our Galloway School club last Tuesday

Now join us in praying for –

·        Good News Clubs that meet this week:  Liberty, Galloway, Morris Grade School, Chaney-Monge and also our Wednesday virtual club on Zoom

·        Steve as he plans for the June Illinois Summer Training School

·        The Aux Sable School Good News Club that is planning to start after Easter; also for the short club that will once again be held at Saratoga School

·        Easter egg hunt that is set for April 8 – pray for the prep and promotion of the event and also ask the Lord to provide a dry and sunny day

·        At least two students who would serve the chapter this summer in our 5-Day Clubs® — do you know of any potential candidates?  Give us a call at 815.741.0366

·        Pioneer Path School in Channahon – our club will start there in three weeks

·        The children who attend our clubs – that they will be drawn to the Savior

·        February’s financial needs  – please ask the Lord to provide what we need to meet our monthly budgeted expenses — $9,500 by February 28.  If you sense the Lord leading you to share in this ministry, please go to the new chapter website, www.cef3rivers.com  and click the “Donate” tab across the top of the home page to safely give.  Yes, He continues to remain faithful and He may be trusted to supply what we need

·        The work of CEF throughout the entire state – clubs are meeting in schools all around Illinois – ask the Lord to bring many kids to Himself

·        Mark Andrews our new director of Camp Good News® near Peoria and members of the camp board

In Romans 12 Paul reminds believers to be devoted to prayer – thanks for taking time to read through and pray.  Your prayer investment is the most important thing you may do.  Blessings – Mike, Hebrews 12:1 – 3

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