November 2, 2020

HOLD THE ROPE for the week of November 2, 2020


·        The fifteen children reached last week in our chapter’s virtual Good News Club®

·        Safety in one Good News Club – during our Zoom meeting there was a fire in the kitchen and they told us that they had to leave the meeting and their house – the

·        next day we learned all was well – the local fire department came and took care of the situation.

·        Progress in planning the virtual live event fund-raiser set for November 14

·        The blest assurance and comfort of our mighty God’s sovereignty

·        For the 32 children who have registered for the chapter’s virtual clubs

·        His perfect supply for our October needs


·        Val, who this week is in Missouri at CEF IHQ recording her third series of lessons for “Good News TV” – pray for her effectiveness and also for her safety

·        The one home club that will begin shortly – pray for effectiveness and safety

·        Rick Lindgren – the chapter’s newest committee member – this past weekend, his dad went to be with the Lord

·        A proposed chapter project that would share missionary stories on our website – a useful resource for children, families, and local churches – pray for those involved in production

·        Continued interest in the DYWW booklets – we are presently working with some friends in Florida; pray too for those who have already received the booklet asking that the Lord would use this to bring many to Himself

·        Al Blackburn – he is improving; please pray his strength and stamina will return

·        Finalize our new chapter website – pray for all involved

·        Any potential TCE ™ 1 students willing to take this 30-hour course via Zoom

·        The furtherance of the gospel during these circumstances (Philippians 1:12)

·        The leadership of CEF – ask the Lord to protect this ministry; pray for the international board of trustees asking the Lord to impress upon these men and women His righteous desires for this vital ministry – many issues need to be wisely cared for

·        The families of our 32 registrants – may our teaching of His Word have great effect on many lives

·        The chapter’s November financial needs – He has been so faithful through the years, for which we are eternally grateful.  In order to meet all obligations, we will need $9,000 by November 30 – He is able.  If you would sense God’s leading to give, please go to the chapter website ( and click on the “Donate Now” button found on the opening page. 

·        The children who live in North Korea

Thanks to you from the depths of my heart – your prayers are so very, very important to the work of reaching children and families for the Lord.  Mike

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