October 26, 2020

HOLD THE ROPE for the week of October 26, 2020

Praise and thank the Lord for –

·        The chapter’s virtual Good News Clubs® which met last week and the volunteers who helped teach

·        Progress in planning the chapter’s November 14 virtual fund-raiser; also, success for technical tasks

·        The boy living in Cook County who has faithfully attended our virtual club, so happy to be with us and his good participation

·        Success of our TCE™ Level 2 class – for the excellent spirit among our three students:  Carol, Karen, and LaVerne

Please pray with me for –

·        Our TCE Level 2 students as they now work to complete their five out-of-class practicums in order to complete the course

·        This week’s Tuesday and Thursday virtual Good News Clubs – pray for the three volunteers who will be teaching this week (Carol, Cheryl, and Sue); pray too for the children – so far, we have 24 kids who have registered

·        Al Blackburn – he is improving; please pray his strength and stamina will return

·        A new idea we are thinking through for our chapter website – a continued missionary story with each segment presenting a continued true story of a missionary’s life and ministry; pray for our CEF volunteer Joanne as we think and work this free feature for children

·         Finalize our new chapter website – pray for all involved

·        Any potential TCE Level 1 students willing to take this 30-hour course via Zoom

·        The furtherance of the gospel during these circumstances (Philippians 1:12)

·        The leadership of CEF – ask the Lord to protect this ministry; pray for the international board of trustees asking the Lord to impress upon these men and women His righteous desires for this vital ministry

·        Those who have received the DYWW booklets – pray that indeed the Holy Spirit will use these ministry tools to draw boys and girls to Himself, pray too for the families that have received them – may this truly be a valuable communication; pray for us as we seek others who would benefit (we still have a couple hundred copies of the booklet)

·        The chapter’s October financial needs – He has been so faithful through the years, for which we are eternally grateful.  In order to meet all obligations, we will need $9,000 by October 30 – He is able.  If you would sense God’s leading to give, please go to the chapter website (www.cef3rivers.org) and click on the “Donate Now” button found on the opening page. 

·        The children who live in North Korea

·        This state-wide ministry with creative methods and ministry in all of our chapters – so that many children and families may hear and have an opportunity to trust Jesus

·        Carol, the mother of our newest local committee member, Rick Lindgren, who suffered a heart attack last week – thankfully, she is doing much better now

·        The children and families – always pray for the children because it is not our Father’s will that any of these little ones should perish (Matthew 18:14)

Thanks for joining into this prayer fellowship week after week – your prayers are an eternal investment with great reward.  Thanks, again!  Mike 

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