October 5, 2020

HOLD THE ROPE for the week of October 5, 2020

Praise and thank the Lord for –

·        His righteous perfection

·        His perfect provision for our needs of September — all obligations were satisfied

·        Val’s “Good News TV” premiere today – thank Him for opening this ministry to her and using this resource to reach children and families in many parts of the world

·        So many local school districts that have posted our virtual Good News Club flyer on their websites – we are truly thankful

Please pray with me for –

·        More children to sign up for the chapter’s virtual Good News Club® which begins on October 13 – ask the Lord to give us more

·        Sue, Steve, and I who are in the midst of quarantine  after having been exposed to covid – our time is up on October 14 – thus far, none of us have had any symptoms; ask the Lord to keep us free from the virus

·        Our three TCE™ Level 2 students (Carol, LaVerne, and Karen) – classes will meet again this Friday evening and Saturday morning

·        Those who have received the DYWW booklets – pray that indeed the Holy Spirit will use these ministry tools to draw boys and girls to Himself, pray too for the families that have received them – may this truly be a valuable communication; pray for us as we seek others – we still have several hundred booklets

·        The leadership of CEF – ask the Lord to protect this ministry; pray for the international board of trustees asking the Lord to impress upon these men and women His righteous desires for this vital ministry

·        Al Blackburn – he’s doing well and sees some progress; we are asking the Lord to bring complete healing and restoration

·        The children of North Korea

·        The work of redesigning our chapter website – it should be up and ready in the next couple weeks

·        The salvation of Lex Johnson – Ruth Johnson’s son; keep Ruth in your prayers as well

·        The chapter’s faithful partners who pray – folks like you – who minister for us in prayer – “Much prayer – much power!”

·        The chapter’s October financial needs – He has been so faithful through the years, for which we are eternally grateful.  In order to meet all obligations, we will need $9,000 by October 30 – He is able.  If you would sense God’s leading to give, please go to the chapter website (www.cef3rivers.org) and click on the “Donate Now” button found on the opening page.  Thanks.

·        Wisdom for the staff land local committee as plans are made for the November virtual fund-raiser

We are certainly thankful to the Lord for dear, faithful partners and friends like you!  Thanks for praying and caring.  Blessings – Mike

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